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After having a 2 week break from media lessons on theory  due to re-sit exams. we had  a catch up  group  discussion  about are process.  so we are on track for the coursework  deadline in March.

Today in our group discussion we decided to create dramatic irony for the audience in our film . we decided to have a radio commentary playing when the victim is in the kitchen before the attack . The radio commentary is of a local radio show with the presenter and policeman discussing the current attacks in the area. We recorded this in a quite room in the college. Me  being the police officer and Zoe ( a member of my group ) being the radio presenter. Afterwards we edited the  recorded material to make it like a radio broadcast.

Next week depending on the weather we are planning to start shooting the exterior scenes without are actors.

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Today  I made a treatment written in a style as if we were promoting it to a producer. The treatment contained the finial narrative   of the  film , The actors and crew which is required, Budget ,censorship, and ethical issues that are in our film and how we are going to approach this to the public. This helped we understand the process of pitching your film if you are a producer in the industry . It has also made we analyse all the aspects of my film and look at it from the producers and the audience prospective. I have also improve my advertising skills as i have to make my film appeal to the biggest audience possible and attract them.

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Today I did some further research in Radio trailers and there comparison with Teaser trailers. I find out with horror and action films they tend to have a radio trailer and a teaser which are both effective. In other genre such as Romance they only tend to have a  just teaser trailer. Together with my teaser trailer and Radio research I research into films that have a similar ending  to mine. From research I found the Michael Jackson thriller video ending contains a storyline very similar to mine . For the Dream sequence I found  that martin Scorcesse Shutter Island contains a dream sequence by Teddy Daniels that is very close to the one the victim in my film has. After completing the  research, I  viewed and discussed with my two other  team members are edited screen shots and what step we are going to do next.

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Today I compleated my first draft of my script with the alternative endings. We  then had a feedback session with our  tutor and to set some short term targets. the targets that i set

complete next draft of script

Improve radio trailer research

Screentest alternative ending

focus group feedback of screentest

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Today we presented our presentation of our 3 initial ideas to our class, in order to get feedback from the class. I found this useful  as  my class is actually the target audience that my initial ideas is aimed at. I  presented my first initial idea which was a music video with a parallel story going along side the music of the band. my class thought this was a good idea but we explained  that as a group this will be hard to edit as it is a  technique that we are  the weakest on.

Then we presented our  second  initial idea which was a teaser trailer we showed examples of teaser trailers like the road and extraordinary  rendition that were close to the vision we had.  The class felt that is was very depended on editing techniques and if we feel uncomfortable with editing this was weak one to go with but they did say that it

can depend on music to make it more dramatic rather than acting .

Then we present are third initial idea which was a short film focusing on viral films as our examples.  The class felt that this was the best out of our 3 initial ideas as it was very much more depended on our present skills instead of learning new skills. Then we asked them how much of  them watch viral films and  majority of class say they do. The negative feedback that they gave us was that it had been done before . so therefore we would have to have a refreshing spin on it .

After listening to the class we decided as a group to go with initial idea 3 as it is has a strength in camera techniques that me and Amber are more confident at and print that sam is better at than me and Amber.

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Today me   and my group members did some research on the initial ideas 1 and 2, as well as researching the advertisements for the both of these ideas. Sam  researched how teaser trailers and music videos are advertised. Amber researched the music videos to see what they included and to get a better idea of what we could use if we were to produce a music video. I researched different teaser trailers to see what teaser trailers included. Then we  created a PowerPoint presentation of our three initial ideas and a focus group questionnaire which we will be using to hand out to our target audience to find out what they think of the three initial ideas; a short film, a teaser trailer and a music video.

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