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We decided to do some research into unsigned bands so that I could a soundtrack for our film. At first I typed in unsigned bands into google and stumbled across a website called unsignedbandweb.com, this website was very useful to me because it provided me with an unlimited source of music that I could legally use as long as I credited it at the end of my film.

I looked at four different songs

1. Stained glass eyes by A farewell fire, a fast paced rock song with a nice meoldic breakdown that would be very apropriate for our film

2. Suicide by Next stop earth, a heavy metal tune with a fast paced ryhthm and angry vocals, good but not soft enough for our film

3. halo by USH, another heavy metal track similar to the last, also to heavy for our film

4. Can’t Breathe by kallen, a soft acoustic song with hauting lyrics and nice reverb on the vocals, maybe usefull for a slow outro song during the closing credits.

I also looked at some other websites in order to help me gather some effects and sound loops for my film.

the first website I looked at was:


I did not find this website very useful because the loops and effects didn’t have the right feel for my film.

the second website i looked at was: http://derekaudette.ottawaarts.com/music.php

After a long search to no avail I decided to do some research on horror movie openings in order to find some inspiration for my film and get an idea of the type of music that usually plays in the background.

this is the opening for “when a stranger calls” after watching the opening credits , I thought that the classical instrumental music is the type of music i needed for my film. So, I have already found a fast paced rock track for the soundtrack at the end of the film so now I needed some ambient music to help create the appropriate mood for my piece. I then thought of composers that are currently in the industry and thought of Ludovico einudi and came up this his song  primeva.


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Today we finished the radio trailer and podcast ready  to submit with the film. we gather the necessary paperwork ready for submission.

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Today we compleated our  film and posted the finished result on  YouTube , I then made a focus group questionaire and gave it to 6 girls and six boys. In the following session i am plannning to take the feedback from the questionaire to help me with the evaluation.

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Today we continued to do editing on our film. We also started to edit our  radio trailer . Next week we  have to make a focus group questionnaire  ready for the feedback in the  reflective analysis.

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Today ,now we have finish pre-production we are now working on editing are film , We started with a continuity edit. While we also looked through the photographs we have taken for  our movie poster . which is are third part of the multi- media production.

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Today  we made the arrangements for filming. We organised the pre- production notes and arrange the dates we are going to film. Due to reading week being  next week . which is a week were those behind in their work have the week to complete it , we have taken this opportunity to start filming. We are going to two kidnappers and one girl victim.  we are planning to film the exterior scenes in the woods on 20/02/2011 and  24/02/2011 and the interior scenes 01/03/2011.

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Today I made some changes to the script and arranged the location and the equipment in order to film with the other members of my groups.


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