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Film Studies

CopyCat Theory

when fight club was realised the critical reception was mixed with the negative critics claiming that it was the biggest conservial american mainstream film since clockwork orange that could cause a copycat violence act from the pubic. fight club has now become a cult classic.

Popular film and emotional response

Natural Born Killers

As the quote from the trailer says

“In the media circus of life they were the main attraction” 

The Trailer gives refence to the director Olivier Stone and how he has made dramatic adaptations of of past events in history and that this movie is about what the world is leading to. the main theme is about how the media fuel  violence acts in the media and in some way glamourise the criminals that commit the acts. 

This movie had a big emotional response and the film has been liked to a number of copycat acts of violence the most famous connected to this film is he shootings by Sarah Edmondson and her boyfriend ben in 1995.

this film raises the question if the media should report theses acts of violence and if the criminals commit theses acts in order to gain media attendance this film takes this context and takes it to the extreme.

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After missing last week lesson due to a university interview , I pushed forward  for our deadline in 2 weeks. we did a podcast for the film explaining how we enjoyed the project and what transferable skills we got through the work.

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Today we had a group discussion about the progress of a pre -production. We reviewed the script and decided to make some small changes to the ending of the film. we also found out what are results were from our focus group and overall finished the finial touches before we start filming. we all discussed our personal targets and found out that we are on track we plan to start shooting are external scenes on the 26/01/2011. the reason for the delay is because we have two exams that fall on the following two media sessions.

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Living with Crime


The theme of adulthood is living in the consequences of your actions  after coming out of prison. the films is set six years later following the character sam as he confronts his friends after  serving his sentence for killing trife . The film also follows the message of perhaps going through a destructive  period in your life your late teens and getting your life together in your early 20s . The main characters from the adulthood alisa, now being a single mother due to the death of her daughter’s father Trife.  now at university and uncle curtis. are the other main character focus inthis film from kidulthood .

there is  Omen, Dabs, Henry and Blammy who represent the late teens trying to be like the old crew and the next generation from the kidulthood teens.

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Initial Idea 1



I am researching animations as this is a possible idea for our coursework. I am researching different animations to find out what they generally consist of and to have a few ideas on what we could do as an animation.


Initial Idea 2

For initial idea 2, we are thinking of creating a short film, about a young girl living with her brother. The girl thinks her older brother is too controlling and becomes rebellious, she soon finds out that her brother killed her parents.

For research on this film, I have research the existing film “Halloween” (2007) the one directed by Rob Zombie. I decided to compare our film storyline to this because the film has a similar story line. The Halloween (2007) film is about as young boy who murders his elder sister, her boyfriend and his Mum’s boyfriend. Later on in life he goes looking for his younger sister who he didn’t murder and tried to tell her that he is her older brother. Although this storyline is different, it has a lot similarities, because of the fact the older brother murders part of his family, and goes to look after his younger sister.


Initial Idea 3

Our initial idea is a short film about a young teenaged girl who keeps kidnapped and left  to die in the woods , The narrative is going to be the process she goes through to escape her kidnappers. It is going to be similar to films such as Taken and Extordinary  Rendition  with the main theme being kidnapping.



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Today I conducted  a screen test in the location we are planning to film in. We took some different angles shoots and did some test runs of   the action which will take place in the outside shoots.  Then having a discussion with my group we decided to make some amendments to the script especially the ending scene after now seeing the location. we decided to have the victim being saved from her kidnappers from a passer-by. Then when  a week later a mystery group of people  turn up at her house . she recognises piece of clothing that they are wearing and clicks that they are the kidnappers she bangs the door and the film ends.

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