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Today I worked further on the film script, mainly focusing on the hulcinattion scene , I decided to research camera angles that portrays this i looked at thirteen and saw to see what angles they used . Then applied the knowledge i gain from researching the techniques to my script to show when the victim in my short film hullicanates after being kidnapped.

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Film 3 intial ideas

Initial Idea 3

November 2, 2010 by aclockworkamber1992

Initial Idea 3

– For this idea we will create a short film about a person, possibly a woman doing their daily routine and is walking home from work when they are abducted and drugged, then left to die. In the film we would be using abstract filming methods to make the idea unique, disorientating and give a thrill to the audience.


As a group we definitely lean in favour of this idea. We think it would be an excellent film to do because it plays to all our strengths as a group and although the idea is something that has been done before we think it will be an excellent challenge to do something original with the idea and make it our own.

Research Completed

As a group we each looked at trailers and film posters and completed general research on films with similar scenes and plots to our film idea. We did this in order to draw inspiration from these films as well as the ability to recognise what has already been done and move away from it to create something original. The films we looked at were, Taken, Shrooms, Ransom, thirteen.


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Initial Idea 2 – Short Film 1

October 21, 2010 by aclockworkamber1992

Initial Idea 2

– Five minute film, which is about a brother and sister who living together after the death of their parents. Slowly the sister starts to rebel against her strict brother. He punishes her  through  domestic abuse and finally has a breakdown  leading to a plot to kill her. The sister eventually finds out that her brother was involved in the death of their parents.


We like this idea but feel it may end up feeling too cliched. We are going to try and come up with a few more idea then make a final decision based on what our peer questionnaire reveals to us.

Research completed

As a group we looked at various clips from films that had similar themes to our idea such as Extraordinary Rendition. We also considered films such as house of wax, cherry falls, halloween(2007) and last house on the left, because all involve similar plots and have a female protagonist.


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Initial Idea 1 – Stop Motion Animation

October 21, 2010 by aclockworkamber1992

Initial Idea 1

– Stop motion animation using lego that spoofs famous films.

We think that this we would be a good film because it would make people laugh and we have never done a stop motion animation beofre so it would also be a fun learning experience. We think it would be possibly to spoof films like twilight and paranormal activity because they were very succesful and of course with films that have such a wide fan base there is also a vast number of  people that hate those films and would find spoofs of them funny.

Research Completed

As a group we looked at stop animation videos in various styles that spoofed existing films.




      • This would be different and interesting and very fun.
      • We wouldn’t have to rely on actors to show up in order to film.


      • It is very time consuming
      • Making sure the set isn’t disturbed is paramount which will be very difficult
      • This technique is very hard in terms of editing and camera


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Today I  worked on the first draft of my script. completing the first, second and third scene of my film.

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specific – complete research in the chosen media products Radio trailers, short film and poster

measurable – Once I compleated this post it on my blog

achievable – Target compleated and agreed upon with tutor

realistic Research examples are relevant to my  media products

Time Based-

Pre – Production

S – specific: complete all pre production

M – measurable: this can be measured by having all of the relevant documents for creating a film production completed as according to the check list set out by our tutor.

A – achievable/agreed upon: we as a group have agreed upon this target as it is achievable by the set deadline. We all take on reasonable amount of tasks to be completed.

R – realistic: this is a realistic project to achieve because of the resources we have, it is also achievable to be completed by the set date.

T – time based: 3rd November, pre production to be completed.

S – Complete script

M- First draft completed by 13/10/2010, second draft completed by 20/10/2010, third draft showed to tutor on 20/10/2010.

A- As a group agree on a finial draft

R- This is realistic as I  have the sources available ton complete this target

T- this target will be completed by 20/10/2010.

S – complete a camera shot list

M- I should have completed a camera shot list

A- should have a camera shot list completed as i have agreed upon with my group

R-  I should achieve this as  I  have the resources to completed this

T – this target should be completed by  03/11/2010


S-  Start shooting on the first scene by   10th   November

M-   we would have begun shooting on the  10 th november

A-   We as a group  would have agreed on what our first scene gong to contain

R – This will be realistic as we will  have the right sources available.

T  – This Target should be compleated by 10/11/2010

post Production




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Media Essay

        To what extent has web 2.0 changed audiences behaviour

I believe web 2.0 has changed the audience’s behaviour as it  has made the audience expect to have a two way relationship with the provider. Web 1.0 only enabled the audience to receive information from sites. Whereas web 2.0 delivers the information but also allows the audience to create and share information allowing it to become democratic.

 Web 2.0 has changed the relationship between the provider and the audience . No longer is  the user looked upon  as a  passive reader. Original web1.0 websites like the bbc have developed into web 2.0 by  extended blogs at the end of their article to allow the users voice to be heard by other users. This is something that enables the internet to become more democratic. Evidence that shows this is the  past case of google being banned in south Korea and China,  and currently the  issue of removing  google and youtube in turkey due to online censoring in  online  media for families . The  argument against the Turkish children’s law was that it was violation to  the  Turkish publics constitutional right and was removed for governmental propaganda rather than for the safety of children.

 Another way I think web 2.0 has changed the audiences behaviour is through  social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. The audience now uses these websites as the primary source of socializing on a regular basis. This as an effect has   made web 2.0 websites a normality of life, something the audience accepts as the norm in life today . A consequence of this for the provider is that it becomes a perpetual relationship based on  demand from the provider rather than supply. It means they have to engage the users as co developers and realtime testers. Web 2.0 websites have to almost predict what the audience wants before it has occurred to them  and  update quick enough for their needs. To some extent I feel this has made the audience potentially inpatient in todays society, as they experience a desire or need this is very quickly available through the use of web 2.0 and they have come to expect this service from the provider.

In my opinion Web 2.0 has had an effect on audience behaviour as it has made users more insular, due to websites such as Amazon and eBay that meet most users shopping needs and major companies such as food stores like Tesco even making  home deliveries, and companies having the internet for  one of their paying options also encourages the audience to depend on the internet to require to all their needs. To this effect it is actually possible for the audience to acquire all their daily needs through use of web 2 without ever leaving the house to interact physically in society.

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The question is could 20th century fox afford Elizabeth Taylor.

The Cleopatra started out as been a low budget movie with a small scale cast lead by Joan collins instead cleopatra ended up being the most expensive movie made  by 20 th century fox at the time something that is not good  for a sinking studio.

Adjusting for inflation, this is one of the most expensive movies ever made. Its budget of $44 million is equivalent to 297 million 2007 dollars.

At $194,800, the budget for Elizabeth Taylor‘s costumes in this film was the highest ever for a single screen actor. Her 65 costumes included a dress made from 24-carat gold cloth.

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Here is a documentary made by 20th century fox talking about the chaos that was Cleopatra.It discusses the fact that they used Cleopatra in order to save the sinking studio ,but in the end cleopatra just contributed to the failure.

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