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Reflective Analysis

Creative Project

Reflective Analysis

For our  creative project we had to make either a film extract or a complete short film with a duration of approximately 3-5 minutes. I worked in a group of three to make a short film.

Our three initial ideas was an animation film which would be an spoof of another film, a psychological  thriller about a girl living with her possessive father or another film under the same genre but with different narrative about a girl that gets abducted. We researched films that had the same narrative or genre. We then decided that we where going to make a film under the genre of physiological thriller. We  researched films under this genre such as the films as Extraordinary Rendition (2007) and Taken (2008) which also had a similar theme than initial idea 3 of abduction. We than decided to go on initial idea 3 an psychological thriller  about a girl that gets drugged and  kidnapped in her neighborhood and finds herself awake in a forrest without any reconciliation on how she got there. The main audience I would except to see our film would be young adults that attracted to the genre thriller and horror. We took inspiration from films like Shrooms (2007),Taken (2008) and Thirteen (2003) which has a similar narrative or target audience as us. Due to our target audience if  this was released commercially I would certificate it at 15 or 18. This is due to the theme of abduction and drugs. My role in the project was Producer, Co-Directer and writer. I found writing the script enjoyable as I have never written a script before, this creative project gave me the opportunity to write a script for a genre I am not familiar with. Writing the script helped me in directing as I had an vision of what the film was going to be like. The only trouble we had while filming  was that on the first shooting day the footage was to shaky causing us to scrap the day of filming that we did.

I am proud of the finished product but there is are a lot of changes from our original draft. When filming we considered the ethical issues such as the theme of abduction due to this we decided to film majority of the exterior scenes in late afternoon and the interior scenes in the day  to film. This did have an impact on the quality of the exterior scenes as a percentage of them were filmed in the dark making the abduction scene  look  weaker quality as the rest. If we had the opportunity to do the project again,I think were would make some changes in the areas of both camera work and editing. If we had an opportunity to film again I think we would had not filmed as much in long shot. Especially in the abduction scene we had to zoom in the post-production stage as the long shot did not have the effect that we were aiming for. I would have also added a sound effect when she is abducted  in order to get a  shock from audience, without the the sound effect it makes the key scene seem more realistic  but does not shock the audience which was my original aim.

The finished product is much shorter than originally planned , a lot of amendments were made to the script. The first amendment is in the beginning, we decided to cut the beginning were she is dreaming and wakes up in a shock straight to her waking up, we decided to cut this as we felt that the introduction would be more effective if see woke up as it was an ordinary day as a result the audience become relax ready for the shock that is coming. The next amendment is the way she is drugged and abducted, in the original script she was going to be walking on the pavement while the car containing the kidnappers were going to drive up to her and pull her in the car, but due to unavailability    of an actor who could drive we decided to remove the car direct have the kidnappers approach her from behind. In the end I am pleased with this amendment as I think it is more effective than approach her from the car as the audience would know what was going to happen to her, rather than shocking the audience as the kidnappers appear from out of shot. We then filmed the rest of the script as original, but when it came to the editing stage we noticed that the film was too long making the pace of the film to slower than what we were expecting. We tried to speed it up but it was not effective , so we made a group decision to cut the ending. The film ends with her being chased by her kidnappers and then cuts to black with the score playing in the background, In the end I think it  proved effective as the pace of the film increased  although I think it left the audience with an different emotion than what I originally planned in the script and storyboard.  The film leaves you feeling sad rather than the original ending were  the audience is suppose to be  shocked when the kidnappers reappear at the door, although I think the sacrifice was worth it as the original  pace of the film would have made the audience disinterested, which would have made the film unsuccessful with the target audience.

When we completed the film we made a focus group questionnaire to give to the target audience we were aiming at . We gave it to  5 females and 5 males between the ages of 15-25 . The criticism that the audience noticed was that they could not  hear the radio broadcast that was on while the victim is in the kitchen drinking a glass of milk. This scene appeared to them as being random but it the radio broadcast worked it would have been  an attempt to create dramatic irony that the victim was going to get kidnapped as the radio broadcast was about a series of abductions that was occurring in the local area. This is something that I would have changed it we had the opportunity to film again as it was a key clue to the narrative that would have had a bigger impact on the audience. The majority of people that we asked said they would rate the film as 15. This was the film classification that we were aiming at and everyone agree that the film made them feel very tense and had an unsettling feel to it. The audience also said that the music did add to the tension of the film which makes me happy with the decision that we made on the music. Overall the feedback from the focus group was very constructive and positive majority of our target audience said that they would go and see it although the females said it would not be there first choice of movie due to the genre it was. This was helpful in looking at ways in which we could have borden the target audience to make it more appealing to females. I think our film gives the audience realism with a twist of horror which in effect creates an unsettling feeling in the audience.

I would describe our film as a psychological thriller, the reason why I think this is because our film contains elements that are meant to effect the audience’s mind an example would be the hallucination scene when she wakes up from being drugged to find herself in the middle of the forrest, we were aiming for the effect of making the audience feel disorientated , something that showed in our focus group questionnaire as being successful at.  When I made the first draft of the script i was thinking of making the script fit the genre of horror but i felt like the narrative would led itself better to a psychological thriller so i therefore did not add any gruesome scenes. When looking at our film if our film was released with existing films I think it would come  be similar to current products  such as Extraordinary Rendition (2007) and Taken (2008).If it was released I think it would be would come under a different convention than what we originally planned due to  the theme of abduction and drugs . I think the message that our audience would get away from it would be a warning to keep themselves safe rather than solely for entertainment.

The self criticism I would have is that due to the reason that my finished product is aimed a  young adults we had only young adults starring in the film. This therefore makes our film represent young adults in a negative light, as two young boys are seen to drug a innocent young girl and afterwards abduct her . Some media institutions may distribute the fact that it is heavily stereotypical and therefore claimed that the target audience may not be attracted to go and see the film. Although looking at current films in the public such as Cabin Fever (2002) and The last House of the Left (2009) having a strong stereotype of young adults representation may not be a negative factor.

Overall I am pleased with my finished product of a short film, although there is some changes I would have made in the editing stage, I am pleased with how the script turned out and the overall quality of the film including the music used and quality of the acting. Since This was my first student film , I am pleased with the finished product.

Focus Group Questionnaire

In order to get a response from our target audience to see if we reached are aim we produced a focus group  questionnaire. We asked 5 females and 5 males between the ages of 15-25 . The majority of people that we asked said they would rate the film as 15. Everyone agree that the film made them feel very tense and had an unsettling.  The audience also said that the music did add to the tension of the film .

Females mostly indicated that they felt that they would not  watch the film , as it was a horror.

Focus Group



Male         Female


12 – 15  15- 20   20 -25   25-40   40 – 50  50+

What certificate would you give this film ?

U     PG      12        15       18

What emotion does the film give you?


What do you think of the music ?


What Target audience do you think would watch this film ?


Would you watch this film if it was released ?


If Yes Why

If No Why


Production Log 30/03/2011

Today we compleated our  film and posted the finished result on  YouTube , I then made a focus group questionaire and gave it to 6 girls and six boys. In the following session i am plannning to take the feedback from the questionaire to help me with the evaluation.

Production Log 23/03/2011

Today we continued to do editing on our film. We also started to edit our  radio trailer . Next week we  have to make a focus group questionnaire  ready for the feedback in the  reflective analysis.

Production Log 16/03/2011

After missing last week lesson due to a university interview , I pushed forward  for our deadline in 2 weeks. we did a podcast for the film explaining how we enjoyed the project and what transferable skills we got through the work.

Production Log 02/03/2011

Today ,now we have finish pre-production we are now working on editing are film , We started with a continuity edit. While we also looked through the photographs we have taken for  our movie poster . which is are third part of the multi- media production.