Production Log 16/02/2011

Today  we made the arrangements for filming. We organised the pre- production notes and arrange the dates we are going to film. Due to reading week being  next week . which is a week were those behind in their work have the week to complete it , we have taken this opportunity to start filming. We are going to two kidnappers and one girl victim.  we are planning to film the exterior scenes in the woods on 20/02/2011 and  24/02/2011 and the interior scenes 01/03/2011.

Production Log 02/03/2011

Today after filming the day before we captured the footage on to the mac , we then decided since we had the camera that we would  record a podcast to go before the Radio trailer. In the podcast we discussed our experience in filming 78 hours missing. I especially talked about  the  process of writing the script since it was genre that I  am not familiar with.

Production Log 9/02/2011

Today I made some changes to the script and arranged the location and the equipment in order to film with the other members of my groups.


Production Log 26/01/2011

After having a 2 week break from media lessons on theory  due to re-sit exams. we had  a catch up  group  discussion  about are process.  so we are on track for the coursework  deadline in March.

Today in our group discussion we decided to create dramatic irony for the audience in our film . we decided to have a radio commentary playing when the victim is in the kitchen before the attack . The radio commentary is of a local radio show with the presenter and policeman discussing the current attacks in the area. We recorded this in a quite room in the college. Me  being the police officer and Zoe ( a member of my group ) being the radio presenter. Afterwards we edited the  recorded material to make it like a radio broadcast.

Next week depending on the weather we are planning to start shooting the exterior scenes without are actors.

Production Log 15/12/2010

Today  I made a treatment written in a style as if we were promoting it to a producer. The treatment contained the finial narrative   of the  film , The actors and crew which is required, Budget ,censorship, and ethical issues that are in our film and how we are going to approach this to the public. This helped we understand the process of pitching your film if you are a producer in the industry . It has also made we analyse all the aspects of my film and look at it from the producers and the audience prospective. I have also improve my advertising skills as i have to make my film appeal to the biggest audience possible and attract them.

production log 05/01/2011

Today we had a group discussion about the progress of a pre -production. We reviewed the script and decided to make some small changes to the ending of the film. we also found out what are results were from our focus group and overall finished the finial touches before we start filming. we all discussed our personal targets and found out that we are on track we plan to start shooting are external scenes on the 26/01/2011. the reason for the delay is because we have two exams that fall on the following two media sessions.

Living with Crime


The theme of adulthood is living in the consequences of your actions  after coming out of prison. the films is set six years later following the character sam as he confronts his friends after  serving his sentence for killing trife . The film also follows the message of perhaps going through a destructive  period in your life your late teens and getting your life together in your early 20s . The main characters from the adulthood alisa, now being a single mother due to the death of her daughter’s father Trife.  now at university and uncle curtis. are the other main character focus inthis film from kidulthood .

there is  Omen, Dabs, Henry and Blammy who represent the late teens trying to be like the old crew and the next generation from the kidulthood teens.